Life Saving Laser Machine Appeal ENT Appeal Feature Image

In the last quarter of 2016, the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Unit was in urgent need of an Endoscopic laser machine so the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation launched an appeal to raise money for one.  This appeal was supported by leading ENT surgeon, Dr Ian Jacobson, who is so highly regarded in the community, and the response was incredible!  You sent us heartfelt words of appreciation towards the commitment Dr Jacobson shows towards his patients and also gave generously to help us reach the target of $100,000.

We are excited to let you know that the equipment has been purchased and these funds have gone directly towards helping patients who are suffering from cancer of the larynx as well as those who have a clinical airway obstruction. “Having this vital equipment will help us deliver the best possible outcome for our patients, thank you,” said Dr Ian Jacobson.

The importance of organisations to our work

There are broad opportunities for businesses and business owners to have a positive social impact outside of the traditional sponsorship models of the past.  Our recent ENT appeal is an excellent demonstration of this.  Individuals gave generously, many of whom gave out of gratitude and respect for Dr Jacobson’s work.  Every cent matters and every donor is valuable to us. However we would not have reached the target without corporate help in the timeframe that we had.  On this occasion this support came through three different models, each valuable in their own right:

  1. An In Memorium donation made by Pepper Group Ltd ($25,000)
  2. Philanthropic donation by the Levy Foundation ($12,000)
  3. A Senior Executive who reached out to his networks ($23,000)

Pepper Group LimitedPepper HR CMYK

Pepper Group Ltd heard about our appeal and approached us to make an extremely generous donation of $25,000 which was critical in helping us to reach the target.

The donation was made in memory of an Executive, Tony Walden (1953 – 2017), who was the General Manager of Group Operations. Tony sadly passed away on 8 January 2017 following a brave battle with a malignant brain tumour over the past 12 months. (He was regarded as a true friend, colleague and a man of the highest personal values, with passion and commitment for both his family and work life.)

Tony’s legacy at the Prince of Wales Hospital will be long lasting and profound.

The Levy Foundation

Executive and philanthropist Geoff Levy was also made aware of this appeal through one of our personal supporters, and offered to support this cause through a very generous donation made by The Levy Foundation.

The Value of Your Networks

We would like to showcase a simple philanthropic gesture by a businessman which also made a huge contribution to this appeal.  Kevin Jacobson, Managing Director of Momentum, became aware of the appeal and reached out to his networks to ask them to support this cause.  Many of these people responded, and whilst they became individual donors, they only came to us through Kevin’s networks.  It speaks to the value of networks in connecting cause and opportunity, and in this case this cumulatively delivered over $23,000 to the appeal.

Support by corporates, businesses, trusts and foundations is so vital in helping us to achieve these targets, alongside every important individual donation.