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POWHF is committed to emphasising health and well-being and this is a core focus of all our activities and initiatives. Despite the heavy exposure to the negative effects of disease and health problems everyone receives through media, the Foundation is inspired by the prospect of health preservation.

Our considerable support in the areas of research and education goes a significant way towards assisting the promotion of health, through the discovery of new insights, techniques and knowledge of diseases.

The Foundation’s fundraising programs are each aimed at facilitating the promotion of health through specific initiatives, with all proceeds being applied to key areas of health which need support. Whether it be translating current information for our multicultural community, developing tool kits to assist those with chronic or acute illnesses or just promoting good news stories, this is a fundamental part of what we do.

Specifically, the Foundation conducts Your Health Your Hospital events in partnership with Botany Bay Rotary. These sessions enable us to highlight the work of our clinicians, teach CPR and give updates of research outcomes. We enjoy the chance to work with the media in order to raise community awareness and educate patients and the public on how to live healthier lives.

If you are interested in attending Your Health Your Hospital please call our support team on (02) 9382 4263 or email Carina Johnson on carina@powhf.org.au.

To learn more about the specific heart disease, cancer, diabetes, surgical procedures, new medical procedures, please watch this space.



Your Health Your Hospital

‘Your Health Your Hospital’ is an annual series of five talks informing the community of relevant and interesting health developments. On our website we provide health facts and information to support patients care.