The Image of Kindness

The Foundation has a friend who is a constant friendly face at our events, but you rarely see pictures of him as he is the one behind the camera taking the photos for us.

Terence Ho believes very strongly in the importance of the public health system and has worked alongside the Foundation team at events for years. “I see first-hand the great work the Foundation does and what it achieves so I love offering my photographic skills to help out”.

Terence does so much more than volunteering as he is a major donor through funds his raises from his photography sales and this year his funds have bought a vital life-saving piece of equipment called a CPAP which helps people with their breathing while in recovery. “At some time, we all need care for ourselves or people we love – that’s why I feel so gratified to be helping my hospital help others,” said Terence.

Terence Ho – Friend and valued supporter of POWHF