Major Bequest for the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation

The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation has received the largest bequest given by a sole donor for $1.7million, thanks to former Prince of Wales Hospital patient and supporter, the late Mrs Rose Varga.

Mrs Varga died of ovarian cancer last year aged 81, after undergoing treatment and taking part in various clinical trials at Prince of Wales Hospital. Her husband, Mr Des Varga was also treated at the hospital for prostate cancer before his death in 2007.

The significant donation will fund clinical trials and the ambulatory care area at the Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre named after Mrs Varga and her beloved husband.

Head of Fundraising, Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation, Wendy Farrow said Mrs Varga was always grateful for the care she and her husband received at the hospital. “The late Mrs Varga felt very excited to think that something she had contributed to with her illness would lead on to help other people, and felt passionate about making this request that her legacy would go on to help others.”