After a long period of feeling unusually exhausted, a doctor visit revealed that 30-year-old Lorraine’s kidney was functioning at only 15 percent capacity and that she needed a kidney transplant. When Lorraine shared the sad news with her dear friend Judy, Judy did not hesitate for a moment to offer to be her renal donor. After a successful kidney transplantation at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Lorraine and Judy competed together in the Australian Transplant Games in 2012 and 2014. Lorraine is living life to the fullest, knowing that the care she received at the Prince of Wales Hospital gave her a second chance.

For 55 years, patients like Lorraine have been offered a new lease on life through kidney transplant surgery in our state, following the first kidney transplant at the Prince Henry Hospital in 1965. With the generous support of our community, our Foundation is proud to have committed over $1 million to fund the Prince of Wales Hospital Kidney Biobank, accelerating new advances in treatment, early detection and care of the disease.

This program is headed by Professor Zoltan Endre of the Prince of Wales Hospital Nephrology Unit. Professor Endre states, “Through the Foundation’s funding, we have been able to begin collecting important information from stage three and four kidney disease and acute kidney injury patients. Over time, we will be able to use these samples to look at contributing factors and help provide better detection and predictions, ultimately slowing down the rate of progression to the next stage.”

To find out more about our impact on kidney research and care at the Prince of Wales Hospital, please contact Wendy Farrow on

Pictured below: Left, Professor Zoltan Endre. Right, Judy and Lorraine competing in the Australian Transplant Games.