In recognition of Men’s Health Week this June, Doug, one of our incredible Charity TV ambassadors and principal of local school Claremont College, shared his view on what health means to him.

“It’s good to be reminded that every week really should be ‘Health Week’ for us men because to stay well and healthy (body, mind and spirit) it’s a necessary daily discipline. For me, it starts with waking up at 5am, having a strong black coffee and then I get my head into a positive frame of mind through prayer and mindfulness. I then head to the gym for a fitness or strength class most mornings of the week.

During the pandemic, I’ve been trying hard to connect and check-in with friends and others. I count my blessings every day and try to help others in my school community and also through my charity work. I’m finding that being honest and real with other men opens up good conversations where we can support each other during these difficult times. Anxiety, depression, being overwhelmed and just exhausted are taking a toll on us all, so we really need to keep an eye on each other and to be courageous and ask if your friend’s okay …and to be courageous enough to ask for help if we need it. ‘Men’s Health Week’ also reminds me that I need to check in with my GP too and not ignore any ailments or health issues that, if I ignore them, could lead to bigger issues in the future. If I’m not well I’m not much help to others who need me to be my best.”

Doug is pictured below with one of the most important men in his life, his son Gully.