This National Diabetes Week, we recognize Dr Ann Poynten and the difference her and her team make to people like Melissah, through providing ongoing Diabetes care.

Dr Poynten has been a Senior Staff Specialist within our Endocrinology Unit for over 13 years. She understands that when it comes to diabetes management, it is the patient themselves who is the expert of their care and the Prince of Wales Hospital team is there to help and advise. Dr Poynten and her team have been an incredible ongoing support system to patients with diabetes, sometimes caring for individuals for several years through their diabetes journey, with many patients becoming friends, just like Melissah…

“I met Ann 16 years ago when I first moved to Sydney and googled ‘best Endocrinologist in Sydney’. She has treated and cared for me ever since. Ann transferred me to an insulin pump which was one of the best decisions of my life. At the time for a 20-year-old it was a difficult decision and life changing.

I have a successful career and busy schedule and Ann helped me to keep healthy. I was fortunate to fall pregnant at 34 after years of trying and Ann was the third person I called to share my pregnancy news. Ann will remember that I called her hysterically crying when I found out that I was 15 weeks pregnant. She remained calm as she always is and made time in her calendar to see me the next morning. My beautiful baby boy is now 20 months old and he is happy and healthy. My life is now perfect, with special thanks to Ann for helping me get here and staying healthy for my family.”