The Louisa Hope Fund for Nurses

Thanks to you and Louisa Hope, a Sydney siege survivor, we have raised almost $145,000 in the past year for nurses at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Thank you!

In March 2015, the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation launched the Louisa Hope Fund for Nurses – to help nurses at the hospital have access to ‘seed money’, via a grant process, for any necessary equipment, research and education that nurses deem worthy! Throughout last year Louisa has been working hard to make sure that this fund is available to the nurses year after year.

Louisa’s achievement so far…

Louisa’s bravery to turn tragedy into triumph is something to behold. Even the previous NSW Premier, Mike Baird, matched Louisa’s initial $25,000 bringing the fund to a total of $50,000. This amount supported six nurse initiated programs which was totalled at $49,156. The Programs supported were:

  1. Identification of individuals with potential chronic diseases
  2. An App for the Vitality and Wellbeing of Nurses
  3. Improving access to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in High Risk Areas to avoid spread of infection
  4. Providing a Heart Smart program to patients and community members to help the patient make better lifestyle decisions.
  5. A study into diabetes patients at the hospital and determining how to help improve their quality for life.
  6. Purchase of a vital sign detection device which will help nurses identify emergencies quickly and help save lives.

Hear more about Louisa Hope’s story here:

– Ben Fordham, 2GB Radio, 19.08.2016


The Sunday Telegraph- 26th August 2018

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