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Watch how Alanah saved Olivia’s life

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olivia tax appealOlivia, a young mum of two is one of more than 58,000 patients admitted to the emergency department at Prince of Wales Hospital this year. She suffered a severe stroke and her life depended on who could treat her, how quickly and how well. Olivia was lucky that Alanah, an experienced stroke nurse was able to not only save her life but also to prevent any lasting side-effects.

Watch how Alanah saved Olivia’s life

Nurses are doing it tough

Across Australia and the world nurses are doing it tough. The pandemic made a stressful environment even tougher, and many nurses are suffering burnout. This is why it’s so important our nurses have the latest training and education and feel fully supported in every way, especially in high-stress environments like the emergency department. 

Your gift today is helping to fund training like the evidence-based Emerging Nurse Unit Manager Program, a 12-month program giving nursing staff leadership skills to lead and manage many wards and units. In addition, it provides them with the resilience to tackle new challenges. A well-trained Nurse Unit Manager, or NUM, can transform the efficiency and operation of a hospital department, creating better outcomes for patients and ultimately saving more lives.  

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Gives a nurse access to ongoing education and training.


Runs a therapeutic workshop for spinal patients building patient wellbeing and reduces isolation.


Saves the life of a person through innovative surgery technique using only a small incision in the leg instead of open heart surgery.


Helps fund the purchase of a vital sign monitor machine to assist nurses with frequent clinical observations.

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