Our hospital is expanding thanks to your support

[pdNAME], you may have heard the news?

Prince of Wales Hospital has built a new Acute Services Building. Hospital staff and volunteers are very excited as to what this means for the future of patient care!

This is the first major upgrade for the hospital in 25 years and will bring state of the art services and innovation for acute health care and a range of areas including larger:

  • State of the art digitised operating theatres
  • Emergency Department with unique mental health assessment area
  • A new helipad for critical patient transfer
  • Patient care delivery beyond the boundaries of the hospital

This new building will bring together doctors, nurses, patients, biomedical engineers, all into one area, to develop innovative ways to assist patients.

What does a ‘state of the art’ medical building look like?


There will be new technologies. There will be new chemotherapy treatments, operations will be better, the supportive care will be better, and I can see a future where more and more of our patients are cured.

What does this new building mean for patients?

Patients are going to have a much better experience and patient care.

New facilities such as state of the art digital operating theatres, a Community Assessment area and additional inpatient beds will improve the experience and care of our patients.

[pdNAME], this building is another reason why your regular support of Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation will contribute to the future of better healthcare in your community.

Thank you!