[pdNAME], now our healthcare workers need YOUR support

Since COVID-19 arrived in our lives, our doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers stepped up, in ways not seen in any of our lifetimes.

We have depended on healthcare and frontline workers to keep us safe, to protect our families and loved ones, as we live with COVID-19 in our community.

Now, our healthcare workers need you and your support!

[pdNAME], will you donate to support the nurses and clinicians at the Prince of Wales Hospital?

Wayne is a Nurse in our emergency department

Wayne is just the sort of nurse you hope to meet in an emergency department. His sense of humour and soft tone of voice immediately sets you at ease. Wayne is a Clinical Nurse Consultant and has worked at Prince of Wales Hospital for 15 years.

The last few years have been very intense for nurses like Wayne. Staff shortages, compounded further by healthcare workers contracting COVID-19 added another pressure point in an already high-stakes environment.

Through all these challenges, Wayne and his colleagues have persevered – for us, for you, for the entire community.

Now it’s our turn to show Wayne and his colleagues how important they are.

Please donate generously to the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation, to say thank you to our healthcare workers for the important work they do. Every day, around the clock.

Your support will help us change the future of health care

Being a nurse during Covid-19 was tough, “Wearing masks, gowns and gloves, then applying that to the level of care we need to provide to patients… it’s very claustrophobic, it’s very restrictive… you are walking around in a boiler suit!”

However, the amazing camaraderie of the staff was an important factor for helping the team through this difficult time.

“You are not alone in this job, and you can share your issues and challenges… we are a close bunch.”

We must show how important our healthcare workers are.

Please give a gift to support the important work our healthcare workers do at Prince of Wales Hospital.

Show your appreciation to nurses and frontline workers

It’s the little things that keep nurses and clinicians passionate about their work; like the satisfaction they feel when they hear a patient say, “Thank you” to a nurse or support staff. This small gesture shows they are appreciated.

And of course, our doctors and nurses want nothing more than to provide the best care to their patients and see them get better as soon as possible.

[pdNAME], please give generously today and show your support for our healthcare workers.

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