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Nightingale Solicitor Program

A valid and current Will is of vital importance in managing our personal affairs. It is a fact that around 50% of Australians will pass away without a valid Will. A legal Will provides the means of ensuring that possessions are passed on to family, friends and organisations of your choosing, not the decisions of Government which is what happens now when you pass away without having a valid Will.

A number of our supporters who are Solicitors have generously accepted an invitation to be a Nightingale Solicitor for the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation. They have agreed to, subject to some restrictions, to write a simple Will or a codicil to an existing Will free of charge for a benefactor who has decided to leave a gift in their Will to the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation.

We will introduce you to a range of Solicitors in your area via a letter and you can then make contact directly with the Solicitors and arrange to meet with the Solicitor of your choice at a mutually convenient day and time. Your meeting with the Solicitor, the details of your discussions and your Will are strictly confidential.

Including a gift in your Will is a wonderfully generous way to make a difference to many lives in the future without impacting on your life today.

We extend to you an invitation to advise us when you have made a gift in Will provision to the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation which will enable us to welcome you into our benefactor’s group, the Nightingale Society.

If you would like to take advantage of this free service or if you have any questions or require further information please contact Grant on 02 9382 4085, 0418 405 561 or grant@powhf.org.au