Gulliver (Gully) Thomas

Meet Gulliver Thomas. In 2019, Gulliver will embark on a life changing 5 day adventure whilst being filmed by the award-winning Charity TV Productions film crew as a thank you for taking on a fundraising challenge for us!

I’m Gully Thomas and I am asking for you to support 1000 Reasons for Marli for The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation to help make sense of a tragic loss. I’m 19 years old, I’ve grown up in Coogee but my heart’s in Maroubra where I surf nearly every day. I’m a surfer and an apprentice plumber. I’m also a youth leader at my church and just a normal kid who likes to do extreme sports and stuff like that.

In January my world was rocked when my girlfriend Marli died of an accidental overdose from a drug she took at a party. This was the first time she’d done something like this. Marli was beautiful in every way and loved by so many. She was funny, really kind, and she made everyone happy. Her smile lit up the room. We called each other the ‘dream team’ and saying goodbye to her was the hardest thing I have ever done. After Marli overdosed she was rushed to hospital to intensive care where she died. I want to stop the next kid from being there. To make some sense from this tragedy I’m working with the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation to do all I can to help my local hospital save lives! The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation is the fundraising arm of the hospital and helps raise vital funds to purchase new equipment and support staff to provide the best possible care for patients.

There are a thousand reasons why I love Marli and this is why I am going to ride a thousand waves (or more) in 6 months for her. I’m a surfer and I am putting my passion and energy into this because I need to heal and get strong…I hope I do, I can’t imagine how – that’s why I need your help. I want to spread the message that we need to just say “no” to drugs. There’s no other message! We’re dealing with a time-bomb and the chances seem that more and more of us young Australians are going to die if we don’t do more. I don’t want to you be where I am – and so please help me raise funds to support my local hospital.

Supporting the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation, my 1000 Reasons for Marli will direct funds to the intensive care unit at the Prince of Wales Hospital at Randwick. We are so lucky to have a local hospital to help us all and with our support, they can continue to provide the best care for patients. My target is $10,000. That’s 100 people donating $100 each. With your help we can do this and make something good from the loss of Marli, this beautiful girl who I and so many others will miss so much.

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We are overwhelmed that Gully, at such a difficult time, wanted to be a part of the project and give back to The Foundation. He is a remarkable young man wanting to educate and help his community at a time of immense heartache and grief.

If you would like to donate and help Gully reach his goal for Marli, please click here