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Humans of POWH: Mimmo

Meet Domenico (Mimmo), whose remarkable journey was brought to our attention by the wonderful Melanie Vugich. Melanie, a renowned still life artist from Sydney, was inspired to raise funds for the Prince of Wales Hospital after witnessing the exceptional care provided to her partner, Mimmo. Join us as we delve into Mimmo’s story and discover the transformative impact of his experience.


Q1: Hello! Can you please state your name and what brought you to the Prince of Wales Hospital initially?

Domenico (Mimmo) Cura… After ignoring it for a while and having no concerning symptoms, I finally sent the free Bowel Screen test off and received a letter saying I needed to follow up. I was sent to Prince of Wales Hospital for a colonoscopy and was then diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer.


Q2: What your experience like so far as a patient here at the Prince of Wales Hospital?

I’ve had a fantastic experience as a patient – everything ran smoothly from the first day and I received a high level of care and professionalism. My cancer was diagnosed in late October 2022, I had the tumour removed at POWH on 15 November and started chemotherapy in January 2023.


Q3: How have the staff supported you during your treatment here?

Sarah, my oncology nurse, has always followed up on absolutely everything and been available at every step. If my partner or I had questions, we felt completely comfortable communicating our concerns to her. The staff in the actual ward are literally like angels – so lovely and sensitive to the individual experiences of each patient.


Q4: Why is the care that you receive so important for patients like yourself?

Getting a cancer diagnosis when you have had no symptoms is shocking, and having to be operated on and start chemotherapy soon after is daunting. It helps with the mental aspect of the treatment to know you are being cared for by kind people that have great knowledge and experience.


Q5: How has life changed for you since your diagnosis or the start of your treatment?

My life has completely changed over the past eight months as I have been unable to do my job as a landscaper/gravedigger with Waverley Council due to the bacteria in the soil and my compromised immunity. I’m fortunate though – now that my treatment has come to an end, I can focus on regaining my strength so I can return to work at full capacity before too long. My partner is an artist and works from home, and we have been spending all of our time together and really enjoying our close proximity to the beach and the company of our family and close friends.


Thank you Mimmo and Melanie for shining a light on this story and letting us share the space with you.