About the Foundation


Ensuring tomorrow is better than today

The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation was established with the belief that in healthcare, tomorrow can always be better than today.

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The Foundation exists because it was inspired by a hospital that was committed and focused on changing and improving the standard of healthcare. It was inspired by the pioneering work of doctors, nurses, researchers and supporting staff whose work was delivering real impact.

The Foundation wanted to give the hospital room to continue to do what it does best, save people’s lives. It was intent on ensuring the hospital continues its focus on world leading medical innovations, on ground-breaking research, and on the delivery of excellent patient care and services.

In our 19th year of operation, we have transformed our original mission to reflect the direction of the ever-evolving healthcare space. As the community benefits from a thriving healthcare service, we ensure we can add value and create solutions in partnership with the community, corporates and individuals, who align with our vision to support the delivery of the best healthcare solutions possible. We are forever thankful for the past and ongoing support of our supporter community and we could not achieve the outcomes we have, without them.

The Foundation exists to give the hospital room to continue to do what it does best, save people’s lives.

Our Mission

To provide the Prince of Wales Hospital more opportunities to continue pioneering a healthier tomorrow
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Our Vision

A better tomorrow, supported by the people, today

Our Values

• Believe in better

• Dedication to innovation

• People first, always

• From Randwick, to the world

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