Hello [pdNAME], meet Harvey the Delta Dog

Harvey has the best job in the world

Harvey works on the wards at Prince of Wales Hospital. His days are spent meeting new people, eating treats, and getting cuddles from patients, nurses and everyone else who can’t resist him.

He may have four legs and a lot of body hair, but he knows the importance of connection and a good laugh.

You see, it’s the simple things that bring joy.

See Harvey at work

[pdNAME], your support means that Harvey and other Delta Dogs can continue their important job of helping patients recover quicker.

Being in hospital can be overwhelming… and that’s where Harvey helps.

What are Delta Dogs?

Science has proven that Therapy Dogs help sick and injured people recover faster. Harvey and his four-legged, furry friends help with our social, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

There are many benefits to the bond between animals and humans, and the staff and volunteers at Prince of Wales Hospital know this. So, if you’re ever in hospital or visiting, ask our staff when the Delta Dogs will be doing their rounds.

It’ll brighten your day – and help you get better faster.


We believe that tomorrow can always be better than today. The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation exists to help the hospital improve the standard of health care.