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Patient receives first-in-Australia innovative treatment, thanks to “dream” team

IN 2020, at the age of just 17, Chris was diagnosed with an invasive desmoid tumor requiring years and years of uncertain chemotherapy.

“By fate we chose to visit Prince of Wales Hospital. Everything a patient and parent dreams of we found in the clinicians there… they were so interactive with Chris with exceptional consultation skills, knowledge, and patient centeredness. There was a determination and positivity that Chris needed to hear and immediately built a rapport with.”

Just before Christmas, Chris’ medical team organised an emergency multidisciplinary meeting to decipher their plan. “We focused on prioritising Chris’ future, not just the short term, but years to come. It was the biggest weight off our shoulders knowing we were with a highly competent caring team. It made a significant difference to Chris’ outlook and mood.”

Chris, his family and his medical team decided to take an unchartered route which will make him the first desmoid patient in Australia to undergo a procedure which is commonly used to treat liver, prostate and melanoma cancer. If successful, this procedure will mean Chris will not have to undergo several years of chemotherapy.

“Regardless of the outcome with Chris’ tumor, I have faith that Chris will stay the course with his own inner strength and the team around him. The team that Chris has had by his side are two passionate medical professionals who want to achieve excellence for their patients.”

The Foundation wishes Chris and his family all the best and will continue to support our cancer services and Cancer Survivorship Centre to help patients like Chris.