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Meet our Female Junior Medical Officers!

The Prince of Wales Hospital is extremely lucky to welcome a new group of junior medical officers each year. Our JMOs bring a diverse range of skills, knowledge and experience to our outstanding medical team here at the hospital.

Recently, we chatted to a few of our JMOs about why they chose Prince of Wales Hospital to start their medical career.

Annabelle: JMO : Registered Medical Officers Association Advocacy Officer

What surprised you most about healthcare when you started work?

“Definitely, the importance of preventative measures for our patients. It’s when all our multidisciplinary teams come together and discharge planning includes community care, allied health access and GP follow ups, the difference in patient outcomes is outstanding.”

Zoe: RMO: Registered Medical Officer

Zoe has been a RMO at our hospital for two years, after being attracted to the excellent physician training at Prince of Wales Hospital. For Zoe, she believes that a patient can’t wholistically be cared for without the help of all teams, medical, nursing and domestic services.“There is an outstanding amount of collaboration that goes on behind the scenes. This really is a group effort.”

Ashna: JMO : Registered Medical Officers Association President

As president of the RMOA, Ashna looks after the community, social welfare and wellbeing side for our Junior Medical Officers.

Ashna believes that helping a patient recover is just as much about how you treat and relate to people, as having the best medicine in the world.