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The Foundation views education as integral to further advances to be made in the area of health. This is closely tied in with further developments to be made in the area of research and an understanding and application of those outcomes.

The Foundation is focused on not only ensuring that its staff are highly qualified and receive continuing education, but ensuring that patients receive the benefit of education and information.

The Foundation recognises that dealing with a disease or health problem that you have no prior knowledge of can be extremely traumatic and overwhelming. We believe that it is important to alleviate the stress and anxiety involved in these situations by making information and advice readily available.

We support the development of various initiatives in order to assist and encourage the dissemination of information relating to health and disease. These include:

  1. Education and information for patients;
  2. Information made available to the public via our website;
  3. Medical brochures and fact sheets;
  4. Health information booths at events;
  5. Health testing and counselling at events;
  6. Promoting and sending staff to conferences;
  7. Creating new education programs in line with the services at POWH

The Foundation is committed to assisting and creating new programs and strategies that will improve the information available to patients, carers and the public, as well as improve accessibility to that information.

For any more details please contact our Support Care Team on 02 9382 4263