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World Glaucoma Day: Patient Story Gordon

Suffering from poor vision, Gordon has been relying on glasses for over 65 years making him a regular at the Prince of Wales Hospital Eye Clinic. He has been coming here for more than a decade to visually better navigate the world and to pursue his love for photography and digital editing. However, as time passed, he noticed his vision despite glasses becoming increasingly blurry, accompanied by constant teary eyes. Everyday tasks like reading bus numbers became a daunting challenge for Gordon and he vividly recalls the frustration of missing buses due to his failing eyesight.

Upon referral to the Eye Clinic at POWH, Gordon found himself under the care of Dr Ashish Agar, a clinician he deeply respects and appreciates for his professionalism and kindness. In 2023, Gordon underwent his first eye operation at Sydney Eye Hospital, followed by a second procedure to address issues with his left eye. Gradually, Gordon’s vision improved, and he is no longer relying on glasses for everyday activities.

Before his diagnosis, Gordon knew little about glaucoma – a group of eye diseases causing  the deterioration of vision due to damage of the optic nerve. However, through his own journey, he gained valuable knowledge and insight into the ideal management of the disease.

With his vision now restored, Gordon has found a new sense of appreciation and has rediscovered the joy of capturing moments through his camera lens.

Reflecting on his experience, Gordon feels immense gratitude towards the dedicated team at POWH who continues to play a pivotal role in his journey towards better vision. Their expertise and care have not only improved his eyesight but also enriched his outlook on life.