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Foundation Funds Plant the Seed for Vasculitis Research

Vasculitis is a family of inflammatory diseases in which the immune system attacks blood vessels. In some cases, Vasculitis can cause a stroke, heart attack or kidney failure as it can affect any part of the body including skin, kidney, nerves, eyes, heart, lung and the gut.


Dr Anthony Sammel’s Vasculitis multidisciplinary clinical research is an essential approach to this broad family of diseases.


With funding from the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation, Dr Anthony Sammel, Rheumatologist and Vasculitis Specialist at Prince of Wales Hospital and his team are developing a vasculitis patient database as a crucial framework for further research.


The Foundation’s grant will also fund additional PET/CET scans for patients with large vasculitis to monitor the persistence of vascular activity with findings set to improve the understanding of the disease and guide long term treatment decisions, and lead to better patient outcomes.