How We help

The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation’s strategic focus on research and innovation is directly applied to the care and wellbeing of patients and the community every day.

The Foundation works in partnership with the hospital to ensure the local community, as well as communities far beyond the local health area have access to the hospitals’ broad spectrum of services. This is the reason we focus on funding in-house research, innovation and education, as it directly translates to the provision of excellent patient care – both in hospital and remotely. This means earlier detection for at-risk patients, assessment of conditions faster, and in real-time, regardless of whether they are in hospital or at home. Advancements like this are critical for improving patient care and their quality of life.

Lady with a mask, talking to someone via a laptop video call

More recently, in the challenging times for healthcare staff, we have committed to supporting staff wellbeing in several ways, to ensure our dedicated teams can thrive in the workplace, even when their environment is expecting more and more of them. We want to help them so they can help others in need.

Our main areas of focus are: Research, Innovation and Education – these are the areas we can deliver the most significant impact for a better tomorrow. Investing in these areas today ensures the hospital can extend beyond its existing parameters to deliver better patient solutions, today and tomorrow.


The Foundation invests in life-saving research projects that push the boundaries for leading-edge care and treatment options to transform and improve patient experience, wellbeing, and outcomes. The Foundation has funded more than 80 pioneering medical research projects to support developments leading to a transformational patient experience both at the hospital and beyond.


The Foundation’s funding of innovation across the Prince of Wales Hospital is driving it’s mission to build the best possible care solutions for all patients. Wearable health check technologies, virtual care clinics, robotics and AI are now leading-edge healthcare realities which have benefitted from funding from the Foundation.

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Two make doctors in full scrubs. One i sreaching up to adjust the light in the operating room


The Prince of Wales Hospital is Australia’s leading teaching hospital. As such, the Hospital, supported by the Foundation, continuously invests in human resources to drive innovation, research, and compassionate patient care through ongoing education and training. The Foundation’s funding of professional development available to all medical staff underpins an ambition for patient-centred care of the highest standards and clinical excellence.