Annual Grants

Over the past twelve years, our Annual Grants have provided $7 million in support of research and innovation projects, education and wellbeing initiatives and the purchase of equipment across the Prince of Wales Hospital.

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, the 2024 Annual Grants will award $1,000,000.

Without the support of our corporate partners, donors and local community, it would not be possible to award these grants and as a result, create the positive change towards better health for our community.


Our 2024 Grant Round Recipients


Supporting researchers within their field:

  • Gideon Caplan, Geriatric Medicine- Intranasal insulin for the prevention of delirium after surgery
  • Peter Trewin, Physiotherapy – Physiotherapy Prehabilitation for Care of the Older Persons in Surgery (COPS) at Prince of Wales Hospital
  • Claire Robertson, Keeping the Body in Mind, Eastern Suburbs Mental Health, SESLHD– Co-designing solutions to increasing Aboriginal mental health consumers’ engagement in the Prince of Wales Hospital Keeping the Body in Mind (KBIM) program.


Supporting developments, simple or complex, that lead to improvements in health outcomes and patient experience:

  • Henry Ruehland, Department of Anaesthesia and Pain Management – Patient Controlled Analgesia – Improving Perioperative Education in Non-English Speaking Background Patients
  • Luis Koeppenkastrop, Physiotherapy- Orthopaedic elective joint replacement pre-operative education video resource
  • James McVeigh, Cardiology –TCC-HF: The patient and clinician experience of utilising a remote monitoring system in the 1 management of heart failure in a real world population
  • Jayne McGreal, Diabetes Centre – OFF LOADING THE BURDEN OF DIABETIC FOOT DISEASE -a design innovation to heal a clinical need.
  • Carrie Easthope, Occupational Therapist-SCI-TEC: Spinal Cord Injury Technology Exploration Centre
  • Keats Broom, Nutrition and Dietetics – Innovating the care of POWH patients requiring ongoing nutrition support
  • Sachin Shetty, Spinal Injuries Unit-POW – Sound Healing: Ultrasound & Electrical Stimulation- A Novel way to monitor and manage pressure areas in Spinal Cord Injuries.
  • Willis Trinh, Spinal Injuries Unit- Innovation solutions to empowering spinal patients to self-assess skin
  • Joshua Wakefield, Physiotherapy – Prince of Wales Hospital Virtual Fracture Service (VFS)
  • Sarah Caruana, Physiotherapy – Turning Dizziness into Data: A retrospective analysis and redesign for adults presenting to the emergency department with dizziness
  • Clare Griffin, Occupational Therapy – Saebo VR
  • Karen Tuqiri, Executive Unit – Empowering Nursing and Midwifery Mentors: Essential Support for Successful Practice Transition
  • Arvin Damodaran, Rheumatology Dept, POWH- Co-Design Development for First Nations Rheumatology Model of Care


Supporting staff education initiatives and conferences:

  • Karen Tuqiri,  Nursing- Attendance at International Congress of Health Education Research and Workforce- Barcelona Spain
  • Sophie Rayner, Cardiology-Facilitating Nursing Professional Development in Cardiology
  • Natalie Murphy, Clinical Practice Improvement Unit – Promoting safe practice by improving staff access to policy documents
  • Lai Chung, Physiotherapy – Advanced Radiology interpretation 
  • Sukhi Hegde, Anaesthetics- Evidence based transfusion on Randwick Campus 2024-25
  • Andrew King, Nuclear Medicine & PET/CT Department – To Gain Training and Experience in Radionuclides produced from a cyclotron and Cleanroom Operations
  • Natalie Watson, Nursing Education, Workforce and Research- Evaluation of the New Graduate Nurse program
  • Tony Hollins, Pain Management – Amsterdam Conference International Association for the Study of Pain
  • Chloe Potter, Occupational Therapy- Putting the OT in Oedema
  • Alexandra Shaw , Adult Recovery and Perioperative Unit – “Uniting and Igniting”- Australian College of Operating Room Nurses (ACORN) International Conference 2024 (Adult Recovery and Perioperative Unit Leadership Attendance)
  • Anastasia Stefanis, Orthotics – Improving Lymphoedema outcomes foe our inpatients at POWH Randwick
  • Emma Stradling, Speech Pathology – Attendance at the Australian/New Zealand Head and Neck Association Annual Scientific Meeting 2024
  • Melissa Leong, Occupational Therapy, Prince of Wales Hospital –Attendance at the Myoelectric Control Symposium (MEC) 2024 at Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada; including the pre-conference workshop (11th August- 15th August 2024)
  • Annmarie Bosco, Haematology – Lymphoma Nurses Conference Education Grant
  • Ariella Klien, ESMHS – International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health (ICSWHMH)
  • Eliot Yang, Randwick Campus Operating Suite – Empower RCOS Leadership Team’s Participation in Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN) International Conference
  • Emily Hill, Orthotics Department – Up-skilling and supporting the Orthotics Workforce
  • Emma Birrell, ICU – ALS 2
  • Jessymol Verghese, POWH ASB Lvl 8 Neurosciences Department – Epilepsy Managment Course
  • Sarah Caruana, Physiotherapy – Vestibular Rehabilitation Competency Course
  • Dasha Riley, Aged Care & Rehabilitation Clinical Stream – The Older Confused Patient Experience
  • Kirstin Coggins, Intensive Care – Purchase of ORSIM flexible bronchoscope simulator
  • Catherine Hayes, Neuropsychiatric Institute – Training to extend neuropsychological assessment competencies for autism spectrum disorder
  • James Miers, Emergency – Emergency Procedures
  • Jose Pereira, Adult Intensive Care Unit – Prince of Wales Hopsital ICU Simulation Program


Supporting positive physical and emotional outcomes for staff and patients:

  • Ryan Ferry, Physiotherapy – POWH First Nation Yarning Tea
  • Francesca Curry, Emergency Medicine – Green ED
  • Lucy Pollock, Wellbeing & Advocacy Officer, Resident Medical Officer’s Association- Junior Medical Officer Wellbeing – support & funding of Mindful Medics B.R.E.A.T.H.E. program & more for junior doctors
  • Emilee Moog, Social Work – Dignity Therapy
  • Rhiannon Young, Executive Unit – Hospital Christmas Trees
  • Benjamin Newlyn, Nursing Workforce- International Nurses Day Celebrations 2025
  • Alyssa Clarke, Nursing, Education, Research, Workforce – Cultivating Resilience in the Transition Workforce
  • Lucy Edwards, Physiotherapy – POWH Recycling Station & Energy Generating Spin Bikes
  • Daniel Treacy, Physiotherapy – Acknowledging POWH Allied Health Together For Wellbeing
  • Rhiannon Young, Executive Unit/Wellbeing Committee- Team Driven Staff Wellbeing – Mini Grants & POWH Christmas Breakfast Staff Event – Catering
  • Alyssa Clarke, Nursing Education Workforce Research – Building Resilient Nursing Leaders

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