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In Memory of a Nurse, Wife, Mother and Grandmother

This unforeseen pandemic has given society so many challenges and has changed our way of living. We all learned to adjust to the “new normal” and thanks to high vaccination rates our cities are now starting to open up again. However, as we enjoy more freedom, the hospital staff continues to work harder and under more difficult circumstances to assist all patients. Our healthcare workers suffered the effects of the pandemic more than anyone else and they are tired, exhausted and overworked.

The Foundation and its invaluable supporters raised funds to provide meals, coffees, wellbeing sessions and mental health consultations for our hardworking frontliners. Hundreds of contributions poured in including one remarkable offer from Ross to match 48 hours of donations $1 for $1 and to top up our campaign to help us reach our goal of $15,000.


Ross is helping our frontline workers because he knows firsthand that they sacrifice so much for the welfare of other individuals. He donated over $8,000 to improve their working lives and to let them know that someone cares for them – all in memory of his loving wife Kathryn.

Kathryn was a nurse and midwife herself, who trained and worked at several top hospitals in Newcastle and Sydney. In 1991, she was diagnosed with brain cancer and was cared for at Prince of Wales Hospital by Prof Smee and Dr Kwok. Because of the wonderful medical care and attention which she received from clinicians and nurses, she was able to live a fruitful life of more than 20 years after her diagnosis, an astonishingly long time to live with such a severe illness. In that time, she was able to raise three wonderful children, travel the world with Ross, live in the UK and USA for a few years, and spend time with their first two grandchildren before she sadly passed away in 2015.

We remember Kathryn in honour of all nurses and healthcare workers who have given and continue to give their best for their patients every day.