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Humans of POWH: Trish

Trish (Palliative Nurse) – The Importance of Palliative Care

Trish is a Clinical Nurse Consultant for the Palliative Care Unit at the Prince of Wales Hospital. During Palliative Care Awareness Week, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Trish and speaking to her about the importance of palliative care and why raising awareness about it is essential.

Q1: What is your role and what do you do?

A: I’m a Clinical Nurse Consultant for the Palliative Care unit at the Prince of Wales Hospital. I care for patients who have a life limiting illness and where treatment is no longer an option. I’ve been working at Prince of Wales Hospital for five and half years and been in palliative care for over 25 years.  

Q2: What does a typical day at work look like for you?

A: No day is the same but every day makes a difference for those who are approaching end of life. We help the patients feel as comfortable as possible whilst managing their symptoms. I work alongside other teams in the hospital to make this possible.

Q3: Why is palliative care so important?

A: Palliative care is important to help patient feels comfortable and dignified to prepare for the end of life. They want to be remembered and leave a positive legacy. Palliative care helps with the preparation and bereavement with their loved ones and families.

Q4: Has there been a memorable patient that has made an impact on you?

A: Every patient has been memorable. It’s wonderful to see when families come together, unite, and spend time together. I feel honoured to be able to be part of this important time with them.

Q5: Why is it important to raise awareness about palliative care?

A: Palliative care allows patients to hear what their wishes are at the end of life. It shouldn’t be scary, and no one should be afraid of palliative care. Death is a natural part of living and palliative care can help with grief for a loved one.