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Humans of POWH: Hayley – Wellbeing Ambassador

Hayley is one of our Radiation Therapists at the Prince of Wales Hospital who has recently been appointed the Hospital’s Wellbeing Ambassador. This is a district initiative to help focus on staff wellbeing and implementation of wellbeing interventions at the Hospital.

We sat down and had a brief chat about her newly appointed role and why staff wellbeing is important.

Q1: Congratulations on being appointed the Wellbeing Ambassador here at Prince of Wales. How did you get involved for this role?

A: The opportunity had been advertised internally and it was a chance for me to be able to help with putting in supportive interventions for staff and their wellbeing at the Hospital.

Q2: What does the role involve?

The Wellbeing Ambassador is a district initiative which has been put in place to focus on staff wellbeing. I liaise with the staff by speaking to them and how their wellbeing is currently and relay that feedback back to the Executive team. I mostly listen to staff and hear their concerns and questions, which can be anywhere from accessing mental health training to updates on resourcing for the staff. Initiatives that are being implemented at a district and local level are supporting staff through improving access to EAP, with our EAP representative now on site on Thursdays and available for online meetings other weekdays.

Additionally, the district is working with black dog to create health care worker specific resources that address burn out and improving wellbeing.

At a local level, the multi disciplinary POW/SSEH wellbeing committee has recently been formed, whose role is to implement the ‘POW/SSEH Wellbeing Plan 2022-2025’. This strategies aim is to create a work environment that is conducive to good physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Q3: What do you do outside of work for your own wellbeing?

Exercise is a big part of my wellbeing and I try to go to the gym before work each day, when possible, but also hanging out with my friends outside of work is important. At work I make sure to go outside for my breaks and get some fresh air and when time and weather permits a few colleagues, and I will walk down to Coogee beach during our lunch break.

Q4: How can staff get in touch with you if they would like to reach out?

They are more than welcome to reach me at and I usually work part time for this role on Wednesdays.