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Meet Barry

“An affair to remember with the Prince of Wales Hospital”

The Prince of Wales is a great Hospital serving the Sydney area and beyond.

Like all hospitals the Prince of Wales always needs more finances, besides what it receives from Government funding so I hope the telling of my story will bring you to donate or leave a gift in your Will for the Hospital.

My affair with the Prince of Wales started 60 years ago when I was 19 years old. I was first admitted to the Prince Henry hospital and from there to the Prince of Wales kidney ward with severe blood pleasure, I remember vividly how well I was looked after by the nursing staff and the doctors.

After being discharged from hospital I continued going back to the hospital for appointments with Dr Robertson and after he retired by Dr Jonathan Erlich.

In 1998 after a routine Hernia operation by Dr Mathews I was advised by him that I could have a prostate problem and I should go and see Dr Alistair Cameron-Strange, a Urology specialist. After a consultation with Alistair he informed me that I had Prostate cancer and would have to be operated on, Alistair is a consultant surgeon.

I spent three weeks in the Prince of Wales recovery from the surgery and being so well looked after by my doctors and the nursing staff. A special thank you to Alistair for his care and dedication.

In 2001 the cancer reappeared, and Alistair advised me to have radiation treatment, which I did three days a week. The support of the radiation nurses was fantastic and so caring, after six weeks of radiation I am now cancer free.

Later in 2004 I started having a problem again with my kidneys and even though Dr Erlich tried so hard to save my kidneys I had to go on dialysis at the Prince of Wales and War Memorial hospitals. Being on dialysis three days a week for five hours a day was very hard but the team in the dialysis section made it bearable. At the time of this I had a hairdressing salon in Maroubra Junction with my partner Gary so each day after my dialysis treatment I had to go back to the salon, which made it very hard.

On the night of the 3rd of September 2008 I received the news that the Prince of Wales hospital had a kidney for me. At 4am on the 4th of September I had a kidney transplant operation for my new kidney, which was a success and I was so well looked after by Dr Erlich and the nursing staff.

The kidney is still going well and is now eleven years old, I still see Dr Erlich every three months.

I guess you can see now why I have ”an affair to remember with the Prince of Wales.”

So once again could I implore you to remember this great hospital the Prince of Wales in Randwick with a donation or a gift in your Will.

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