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Gifts in Wills


Meet Mayli

I am happy to support the work of the Prince of Wales Hospital and the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation, I have included a gift in my Will to the Foundation who with the generosity of the community and their supporters is raising funds to invest in the future of health and to ensure the best care possible for patients at the Prince of Wales Hospital.

I have experienced first-hand the amazing care given as well as the patience and understanding of the doctors and nurses which all helps to relieve the worry that patients have when they are not well.

When I arrived in Sydney from Malaysia, I was pregnant with my first child, a daughter, and soon after my arrival I had my first contact with the Prince of Wales Hospital who provided me with much needed information and support.

Hospital under the care of Prof. Zagami and Prof. Sommerville from the Neurology Department and was due to have an operation at the Prince of Wales Hospital in May of that year (2010) followed by a two-month recovery period before returning to work.

During my pre-operation visits to the Hospital I decided I needed to have a Will written as I wanted to be sure that if anything was to happen to me that my family would be taken care of, having a Will provided me with peace of mind.

In December 2010 I became ill again and was rushed to Hospital and back under the care of Prof. Sommerville.

Before being able to return to work I had to have a letter from Prof. Zagami clearing me to resume work. My return to work was structured to allow me to cope without over doing things, I worked Monday, Tuesday, had Wednesday off and then worked Thursday and Friday. This regime continued for three years before I returned to fulltime employment.

I know that without the support of Prof Zagami and his team I would have been unemployed and unable to provide for my daughter. I now also have a son and if it wasn’t for the successful outcome of the operation, I would not have had a second child.

In 2016 I wanted to do something to give back to the Hospital for all that they had done for me and I decided that the best thing to do was to include a gift in my Will to the Foundation. I believe that if everyone could help even just a little, the outcome would be dramatic.

I am so appreciative of the fact that the Hospital and the Foundation is there to continue to support and assist with the health needs of the community. I truly trust the Foundation to correctly make use of the funds raised to improve the care of patients.

I am hoping that you will join me in remembering the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation, so I have included a gift in my Will.