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Humans of POWH: Ruby

Humans of POWH – Ruby: Allied Health Professionals Day

It’s Allied Health Professionals Day on Friday 14 October so lets celebrate our Allied Health team here at the POWH. Today we had a chat to Ruby who is part of the team and learnt more about her role, why allied health is important and what she loves to do outside of work.

Q1: What is your role and what do you do?

A: I am a Physiotherapist. I’m in my second year out of uni. My role involves rotating around the wards at the hospital. At the moment I’m working in the Aged Care Acute Ware. I feel that the elderly patients are underappreciated.

Q2: What got you interested in Allied Health?

A: Growing up I loved playing sport and exercise. When I was younger my brother was in the ICU ward and was treated with chest physiotherapy. It inspired me to learn more about physiotherapy.

Q3: What’s a favourite patient memory you’ve had so far working at POWH?

A: One of my favourite memories is working in spinal and seeing patients walk for the first time after experiencing an injury. Just seeing the impact, it has on the patient, their friends family is really nice. Another one is just seeing them move for the first time when they’ve been told they can’t move again. It can bring you to tears.

Q4: Why is spreading more awareness about Allied Health so important?

A: What we do is important and sometimes it isn’t recognised. When someone is unwell in hospital usually the first thought that comes to mind is medicine assisting them to getting better. But what is often forgotten is therapy through movement and speech which can be impacted by their illness. We play a huge role in patients lives especially when it comes to movement and speech.

Q5: Lastly, what do you love to do outside of work?

A: I love to swim! I also help run a running club, but I’m an amateur runner! I also love playing sports like water polo and netball. I am also a twin, so I spend a lot time with my sister!