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Pain management for patients

Dr Khor and the Outpatient Wards requested Foundation funding for an ultrasound scanner to help improve the care for patients in the Pain Clinic. Dr Khor shared that the current ultrasound equipment was only available in the operating theatres which would mean having to take patients there to use it when it’s available. Having the ultrasound scanner in the wards means the equipment is available for patients to be treated rapidly and more efficiently. Ultrasound scanners help guide clinicians and nurses to improve the accuracy of identifying locations of nerve blocks to treat them. The funding of the ultrasound scanner has improved ease of access, wait-times, and ensured better outcome for patients.

Dr Hawn Trinh shares how the scanner improved patient care: “The portable ultrasound scanner has improved access to nerve blocks and regional analgesia in pain patients. We are readily able to bring the equipment to the patient’s bedside and perform ultrasound guided procedures rather than transporting them to specific procedural areas.”