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How Art in Hospitals Enhances Patient Recovery

The integration of art in hospital settings has proven to be a transformative approach in facilitating patient recovery and promoting overall well-being. Displaying various forms of art, including paintings, murals, and photographs, creates a visually stimulating environment that plays a crucial role in enhancing the healing process. In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of incorporating art in hospitals and explore how it aids in patient recovery while fostering a positive and uplifting atmosphere.


Can a hospital create a calm and healing environment using art?

The presence of art in hospitals helps to counteract the clinical and sterile atmosphere often associated with medical facilities. Paintings, murals, and photographs can infuse warmth, colour, and beauty into the environment, creating a calming and supportive atmosphere for patients. The visual appeal of art can evoke positive emotions, provide a sense of comfort, and reduce anxiety, thereby facilitating a more conducive healing environment.


How does hospital artwork help as a distraction tool for patients in pain or discomfort?

Art serves as a powerful distraction tool, drawing patients’ attention away from pain, discomfort, and medical procedures. The engaging and captivating nature of artworks allows individuals to momentarily escape their physical challenges and immerse themselves in the beauty and narratives depicted in the pieces. By providing a source of distraction, art promotes relaxation, reduces stress levels, and contributes to a more positive outlook during the recovery process.


How does visual art stimulate positive emotions in patient recovery?

Visual art stimulates the senses and has the ability to uplift the spirit. The vibrant colours, intricate details, and imaginative compositions can evoke positive emotions and inspire a sense of wonder. By surrounding patients with aesthetically pleasing and thought-provoking artworks, hospitals can create an environment that encourages a positive mindset, instilling hope, motivation, and a belief in the possibility of recovery.


How can art in hospitals inspire and create emotional connections for patients?

Art has the power to inspire and create emotional connections with patients. Paintings, murals, and photographs can depict scenes of nature, uplifting messages, or relatable human experiences, resonating with individuals on a deep level. The art’s subject matter can instill a sense of familiarity, provide a source of inspiration, and remind patients of the beauty and joy that exists beyond their medical journey. By fostering emotional connections, art cultivates a sense of hope, resilience, and determination within patients.

Recognising the importance of art in healthcare settings reflects a commitment to the well-being of patients beyond their physical healing. By embracing the healing power of art, hospitals create an environment that nurtures the body, mind, and spirit, ultimately enhancing the recovery process and improving the overall experience.


Art at Prince of Wales Hospital

In recent years, the Foundation has been actively involved in funding a diverse range of murals and artworks for the wards at POWH. These projects, which we take great pride in supporting, have proven to be instrumental in creating a sense of calmness for patients during their stay or treatment, while also brightening their days. One notable installation is the mural photographed by Glen Duffus, capturing the breathtaking scenic view of Maroubra beach at the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Centre. Currently displayed in the gym this mural serves as a source of inspiration for patients recovering from heart or lung conditions.

Furthermore, through our Art  Space program, we extend our support to local and regional artists, providing them with the opportunity to exhibit their work along the halls of the High St Building. This initiative allows us to showcase beautiful artworks that both staff and patients can appreciate during their walks between buildings. 30 percent of the funds generated through art sales, are directed towards addressing the hospital’s most pressing needs. By participating in this program, artists contribute not only to the aesthetic appeal of the High St Building but also to the betterment of patient care at POWH. If you’d like more information about the Art Space program, please email

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