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Did you know that NEARLY HALF of our hospital foundation income is from Gifts in Wills?

Gifts from kind and generous people, like Barry, who has included our hospital in his Will

Barry has experienced a life-long relationship with Prince of Wales Hospital – he first came to the hospital at the age of 19.

Throughout his life, the hospital staff and volunteers have been with Barry, through his journey with a Hernia, prostate cancer, kidney issues and eventually a kidney transplant.

Barry sadly passed away in 2023. His zest for life, his capacity to make friends, his loyalty, his humour and the tenacity with which he fought to live his truth will be remembered forever. 

[pdNAME], make a long-term impact with your Will

Our Gift in Wills guide has all the information you need to make a gift in your Will to the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation.

We will email a copy of the guide to you, or if you prefer, we can post a copy
to you instead.



I wish everyone would consider a Gift in their Will for the great Hospital Prince of Wales in Randwick.


[pdNAME], your generous support could could help provide:

  • Breakthrough research and innovation
  • Medical equipment
  • Creating a healthier community
  • Building expertise in healthcare delivery
  • Hospital infrastructure