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A heart attack … just months apart

Every day 157 Australians have a heart attack. Thankfully, Karen and Paul’s lives were saved by the Prince of Wales Hospital cardiac team’s expert treatment and care.
Karen and Paul have shared many experiences together, raising their three beautiful children. Who would have thought that the happily married couple would both suffer a heart attack, only months apart?

Did you know that 1 in 4 deaths in Australia are caused by a heart attack or stroke?

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It was Karen’s turn first

Karen knew something was wrong when she started to feel pressure in her chest, nausea, cramps and a headache. She made her way to Prince of Wales Hospital and says that “No stone was left unturned to find out what was wrong with me.”

Just months later, it was Paul’s turn. An afternoon of surfing ended at Prince of Wales Hospital, with Paul in the capable hands of the Hospital’s cardiac team.

Now both Karen and Paul have returned to family life but will not forget the incredible kindness and care they received at the cardiac unit.


Our patients are in life-threatening situations, but we can reverse that quickly, and the patient can go home in a matter of days afterwards. My career aim is simple; every patient that I see will get the best possible care. Everything else is secondary to that.

It is estimated that 430,000 Australians will experience a heart attack at some point in their lives