[pdNAME], you are driving research and innovation in healthcare

Innovation and Research is the future of Prince of Wales Hospital

[pdNAME], thanks to your support, our hospital is a driving force in medical research and innovation. The donations we receive from people like YOU mean that we can fund medical research and innovation projects to improve our patient care and services.

Your support also means that we can look after our greatest asset – our staff!

Thanks to our dedicated and skilled doctors, nurses and health care professionals, our community can thrive… and with your help this support can continue.

See how we drive excellence in healthcare

[pdNAME], with your help, we were able to fund:

  • A Rapid Access Clinic to diagnose and treat Head and Neck Cancers faster for better survival rates
  • A Unique Kidney Biobank – a strategic resource for research that is now accelerating new advances for acute and chronic kidney disease patients
  • CUSA – a machine that improves tumour surgery outcomes for our patients

Thank you, [pdNAME] for supporting the future of healthcare.

We’re for a healthier tomorrow, supported by the people today. The Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation funds medical research to improve the standard of healthcare in Australia.

World-class surgeons and facilities

Excellence in medicine is forever changing and I think that’s one of the best challenges about working in medicine. It is an absolute privilege to bring a patient into this environment and tell them that they have a team of wonderfully trained and skilled surgeons able to work with them.

We are a teaching hospital

We are one of Australia’s largest teaching hospitals, which means that experienced physicians are actively training the next generation of nurses, doctors, and clinicians. But we also learn from our students as they come to us educated in the latest advancements and techniques which feeds into the way our research is conducted.

Teaching and learning is an important part of Prince of Wales Hospital to improve the treatment and outcomes for our patients.

But to achieve the best healthcare outcomes, we must ensure not only the wellbeing of our patients, but also of our staff.

[pdNAME], thanks to you, we can ensure our doctors, nurses, and health care professionals receive the support they need.