[pdNAME], what does good mental health mean to you?

Mental health is such a broad term. And what ‘good mental health’ looks like for each person will be different. But I think we can all agree that we want a mentally healthier world.

At Prince of Wales Hospital, we’re committed to supporting people to improve their mental health, so they feel healthy and productive, they’re engaged and feel safe, and they know they are loved.

Which words describe 'good mental health' to you?
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Keith is a mental health nurse, watch his story below

In his black leather jacket, Keith doesn’t look like the nurse stereotype we’re used to seeing portrayed on TV. Keith used to be a builder in his native Ireland, but he decided he wanted to make a more meaningful contribution to the world, so he retrained as one of the most honourable professions on the planet – a nurse.

Thank you for supporting mental health

Thanks to your support, the amazing work provided by mental health nurses like Keith will continue to help more people who need it.

A patient’s health outcomes and wellbeing increase immensely when they get the holistic support that addresses their physical AND mental wellbeing.

Sometimes it’s acute psychiatric care, and other times its going for a walk through the park with your mental health nurse and just talking about what’s on your mind.

Clinical diagnosis and treatment are only one part of the healing process.

Thank you, for supporting Keith and his patients.