Watch Martine’s Breast Cancer Story

[pdNAME], life doesn’t go “back to normal” after cancer.

Cancer changes people’s lives forever. The impacts can be physical, emotional, and psychological. Surgery and medication associated with cancer can also affect a person’s ability to have children.

For younger patients who haven’t started their families yet, the grief of this is very difficult to bear.

Martine was only 29 years old, with her whole life ahead of her when she learnt that she had breast cancer.

“You’re in fight or flight mode when you first get diagnosed and you fight the whole way through, but even when you finish active treatment, you’re still fighting. Reality kicks in and your mental health can be affected big time.”

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At the age of 29 Martine was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma - a type of breast cancer.
Martine’s journey has involved a mastectomy and lymphadenectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and a medically 5-year induced menopause.
Martine also had to preserve her eggs, in the hope of having a family one day with her fiancé, Sean.
Martine’s fight isn’t over as cancer and treatments have left her with mental, psychological and physical scars.
The Cancer Survivorship Program at the POWH is helping Martine to rebuild her life.
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[pdNAME] have you heard of the Cancer Survivorship Centre?

Help is here.

The Cancer Survivorship Centre is a gamechanger for recovery and support for people impacted by cancer.

The Centre opened at Prince of Wales Hospital in 2019 and provides practical and emotional support to people affected by cancer in a calm and welcoming setting.

[pdNAME], you can imagine how Martine welcomed the support of the Cancer Survivorship Centre during this difficult time in her life.

The Cancer Survivorship Centre helps with:

  • Recovery
  • Monitoring to prevent recurrences
  • Fertility support
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Practical help such as rebuilding finances and returning to work!

It is a safe haven for people living with cancer.