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Aged Care


Vera is a personalized music tool bringing quality of life improvements to patients living with dementia. Vera is improving mood, memory and communication through the administration of personally and culturally tailored music. This research study, funded by us, is now assisting patients to ground back into the present using the music from their favourite past

Delirium research

Funded Professor Gideon Caplan Delirium Research – understanding the pathophysiology of delirium to gather insights into the progression of dementia

Balance training software – an invaluable tool for therapy

We funded a new Humac Balance system for the POWH Physiotherapy Department. The Humac Balance system is an interactive gaming system designed specifically for patients with mobility limitations it can be used for patients recovering from trauma or surgery, as well as those with orthopaedic, neurological, and vestibular disorders. It uses exercises that can specifically target deficits in patients function and provides feedback to both the patient and the clinician. This system had already been used in the rehabilitation gym and patients and staff found it to be user friendly, challenging and motivating. This important equipment is now also being used in the Neurosciences gym in the new integrated Acute Services Building.

Managing and preventing delirium

Delirium is a sudden change in a person’s mental state and a common post-surgery presentation in older patients. Patients with delirium may seem confused, disorientated, and agitated, or quiet and withdrawn. Delirium affects 50% or more adult intensive care patients and 23% of older patients in general medical settings. The Foundation recently funded Nonpharmacological Delirium Management Equipment for the Prince of Wales Hospital’s Orthopaedic ward. In accordance with current evidence-based practise, the use of Non-pharmacological Delirium Management strategies should be implemented for patients at risk of delirium as well as patients with delirium. This equipment is now helping delirium patients to achieve improved cognition, emotional wellbeing, sleep mobility, hydration and nutrition, leading to a reduction in admission to Residential Aged care Facilities and improved quality and safety outcomes for patients.