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Mental Health

Better Treatment for Severe and Complex Mental Health Disorders

Funded a 16 month long intensive Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) course for a team of Prince of Wales Hospital clinicians. DBT training is an evidence based cognitive behavioural therapy commonly used to treat suicidal behaviours, borderline personality disorder and other severe and complex mental health disorders including emotion dysregulation, posttraumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, substance dependence, depression and anxiety-related issues. As a new and evolving service, this training ensures that the team is building further expertise in the decision-making processes required to determine the most effective treatment program and it equips participant teams with not only the practical knowledge of DBT, but also guidance on how to effectively apply DBT in their respective treatment settings for the best patient treatment and outcome.

Dr Ursula Sansom-Daly – Understanding and addressing adolescent and young adult cancer survivors’ psychological needs

Adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with cancer experience unique mental health and cognitive impacts following treatment. Yet AYAs lack access to comprehensive survivorship support, including specialist neuropsychological testing and intervention. POWHF funded the development of an evidence-informed, needs-based survivorship service to support AYAs by providing access to psychology and neuropsychology assessment and intervention ensuring that young people with at-risk mental health, cognitive functioning, and educational/career goals, have access to tailored, targeted support.

Mental Health companion for Emergency Department visitors

A mental health companion for our Emergency Department. Funding through the POWHF Research Medal has been awarded to Wayne Varndell, Clinical Nurse Consultant at our hospital’s Emergency Department. Wayne’s research trials the impact of a dedicated mental health companion role in the Emergency Department caring for patients experiencing mental ill-health. Providing a safe and supportive experience will reduce suicidal behaviour and self-harm and therefore improve the environment for staff and other patients.

Maroubra Mental Health Centre Makeover

The recent renovations to the Maroubra Mental Health Centre funded by us included the courtyard which became a multifunctional space, the installation of two beautiful shade sails, placing Astro turf and a boxing bag attachment was added for recreation and exercise. Bunnings donated plants and outdoor furniture to create a leafy and inviting space. The reception area was also given an uplift to make it more calming and the rooms were all freshly painted to give a bright feel. The selected artwork is calming using muted colours and sensory items such as weighted blankets are placed for comfort and mood improvement. All changes and renovations were carefully designed to make the Centre a calm, safe and comfortable place for all.