Do you stand with our healthcare workers?

Today we’re asking you to stand beside our healthcare workers. Sign your name to show your support and gratitude for their immense effort over the past couple of years.

Since COVID-19 arrived in our lives, our doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers have had to step up in ways not seen in any of our lifetimes. They risk their lives every day to save ours.

We have depended on them to keep us safe, and protect our families and loved ones, as we cope with COVID-19 in the community.

[pdNAME], would you like to thank the nurses, doctors, specialists, clinicians, and support staff?

If yes, you can start by signing your name to show your support.

Yes, I stand with our healthcare workers!

I say THANK YOU to our healthcare workers for their incredible hard work and dedication. I want to show my support and appreciation for the care they give our communities.

Wayne is a Nurse in our emergency department

Wayne is just the sort of nurse you hope to meet in a hospital. His sense of humour and tone of voice sets you at ease. Wayne is a Clinical Nurse Consultant in the emergency department and has worked at Prince of Wales Hospital for 15 years.


The conditions during COVID-19 were hard for healthcare workers!

“Wearing masks, gowns and gloves, then applying that to the level of care we provide to patients… it’s very claustrophobic, it’s very restrictive… you are walking around in a boiler suit!”

However, the amazing camaraderie of the staff was an important factor in helping the team through this difficult time.

“You are not alone in this job, so you can share your issues and challenges… we are a close bunch.”

We must show our healthcare workers how important they are to our community!


We want every person to feel safe, to feel connected and welcomed, both individually and as part of our valued community.

Please sign your name to show your support of our healthcare workers and their important role in keeping us safe