Thank you for standing with our healthcare workers

Yes our nurses and healthcare workers do need more support and appreciation – thank you for adding your name in agreement!

Since COVID-19 arrived in our lives, our doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers have stepped up.

We depended on healthcare workers to keep us safe; to protect our families and loved ones, as we combatted illness and isolation, and even now as we continue to live with COVID-19 in the community.

Now, our healthcare workers need you to step up.

Will you STEP UP for our nurses?

Step up and support the nurses and clinicians at Prince of Wales Hospital

Our healthcare system is busy and stretched. Every day more than 200 people come through the emergency department alone. And many patients from all over NSW are treated at Prince of Wales Hospital.

We are always working to support the hospital to provide the best patient care – but we need more funds to continue our support.

Will you help give patients the best care possible? Your generosity could also help support the wellbeing of our healthcare workers who continually work to protect and care for us all.

Let’s show our healthcare workers how important they are and help them continue to do their incredible work

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Could help give a nurse access to ongoing education and training.


Could help run a therapeutic workshop for spinal patients within rehabilitation wards which build patient wellbeing and reduces isolation.


Could help save the life of a person through an innovative surgery using only a small incision in the leg instead of open heart surgery.


Could help fund the purchase of a vital sign monitor machine to assist nurses with frequent clinical observations.

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