An app that could save YOUR LIFE

Well… it exists! A cardiac app to monitor your heart

Teleclinical Care is a new program developed at Prince of Wales Hospital.

After a heart attack, when a patient returns to their home, they are given access to a daily monitoring and education app accessible via a smartphone.

Readmission for cardiac patients is extremely high and that’s where the app is most useful.

It’s a simple way to check their vital signs, and keep them on track with their recovery, while being monitored remotely.

Watch this video to learn about the Teleclinical Care app

Providing excellent health care remotely

This app means that heart attack patients can be cared for remotely, in the comfort of their own homes; with a team of hospital staff overseeing their health during their recovery. This could mean that potentially hundreds of thousands more beds are available for sick and injured people and that valuable resources are available to help save more lives.

When a person has a heart attack, they are in a life-threatening position. While we can reverse this situation in many cases, and patients can return home quickly, this app means we can monitor their recovery safely while they rest at home.

[pdNAME], did you know an estimated 430,000 Australians will experience a heart attack at some point in their lives?

Thank you for investing into research that makes innovation like the Cardiac App possible