[pdNAME], how do you care for your mental health?

For most of us, we have our own ways of coping with the stress of everyday life.

However, can you imagine what it would be like to have a mental health problem and need the assistance of a Hospital emergency department?

Wayne, a Clinical Nurse Consultant at Prince of Wales Hospital emergency department, knows how hard that is.

He has recently been awarded a Research Medal by the Foundation for his trials into
the impact of a dedicated mental health companion role in the emergency department,
caring for patients experiencing mental ill-health.

Tell us, how do you care for your mental health?

Talking to friends or family is a great way of unloading what is on your mind.
A change of scenery and a release of endorphins help to reset your brain. Good work!
Many people use expert advice to help them navigate the stresses of life. This is an excellent choice..
Taking out your stress at the gym is a way to keep fit and release those endorphins. Well done!

Our Hospital has a Mental Health Companion

The research Wayne and his team completed, lead to people with a mental health problem having access to a specialist staff member who has the skills to assist them!

The results? A new level of calmness and wellbeing from patients.

What we were beginning to see is that patients were able to get the help they needed earlier and more readily.

Thank you for supporting this innovative work in mental health care.