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10 Clinicians’ Healthy Habits for World Health Day

Priotising health is not just a personal endeavor, it’s a collective commitment that impacts our ability to care for others effectively. The clinicians at Prince of Wales Hospital understand the importance of leading by example when it comes to maintaining wellness.

For World Health Day this year, we asked 10 clinicians from POWH how they stay healthy outside of the office. Here’s what they shared:


Professor Morteza Aghmesheh – Senior Staff Specialist Medical Oncologist

“I prioritize my health by striking a balance between my professional responsibilities and personal life. Spending quality time with my family and children brings me immense joy, and I cherish each moment with them. Additionally, I engage in soccer, both indoor and outdoor, a few times a week, along with other sports like swimming, gym workouts, and table tennis. Socializing with long-standing friends is also an integral part of maintaining my well-being.”


Professor Minas T Coroneo AO – Ophthalmology

“1. Ophthalmologists have a relatively high prevalence of musculoskeletal issues – from Pilates and exercise physiology do a series of stretches and exercises for ~ 10 minutes every morning. As a minimum try to walk for 45 mins 3x/week. In summer add ~ 0.5Km of swimming after walks.

2.Watch diet and weight – having co-complied a cookbook in 2010 based on the Mediterranean diet, try to stick to this. Daily weigh in. I’m outdoors on the weekends and at least 30 minutes of sun exposure on each day.”


Dr Nasir A. Shah – Nephrologist

“With a busy schedule, being strategic is key for me when trying to foster a healthy lifestyle. Capitalising on commute times by cycling to work, choosing homemade leftovers instead of getting takeout, and trying to leave work at work are my go-to strategies when trying to stay healthy!”


Dr Shivam Agrawal – Clinical and Laboratory Haematologist

“My approach to health maintenance involves four parts, (1) balanced diet (2) keeping active (3) keeping connected with family and friends (4) seeing a GP regularly, even if I feel well. We all have a lot to fit into our weeks, and I try my best to actively make sure I integrate these four pillars into my routine. I try my best to walk 10,000 steps a day and I use my smartwatch for accountability and motivation.”


Dr Stephen Thompson – Senior Staff Specialist in Radiation Oncology

“I exercise most days including regular jogging while listening to interesting podcasts. I prioritise my mental health with family time, board games, lots of reading, and making sure I have a plentiful supply of chocolate at work!”


Dr Peter Sturgess – Rehabilitation Medicine Physician

“When we’re all so busy with work and life, incidental exercise is a must!  To get the steps up, I park 15 minutes’ walk from work, and spend as much time as possible running around with my toddler and dog in the local parks.”


Dr Praveen Indraratna – Cardiologist

“For exercise I like to go cycling, particularly after work on these long summer days.”


Dr Jeffery Post – Infectious Diseases Physician

“Spending time with friends and cycling to and from work”.


Dr David Murphy – Emergency Physician

“I love to be outside – depending on the time of year I love getting out for a bushwalk or bike ride, or to get out on the harbor for a sail.”


Margaret Holyday – Nutrition and Dietitians (Department Head)

“I try to get moving!  I’m very conscious that I have a pretty sedentary job.  So for heart health and to strengthen my bones and muscles, I make time to walk regularly and do a weight training session once a week.”


As we celebrate World Health Day, we are reminded that well-being extends beyond the walls of the hospital. Through our fundraising efforts and community support, we hope to empower the staff at POWH to continue to provide exceptional care, while also promoting health among our staff and clinicians. Together, we can make a difference by raising funds, raise care and transform lives for people at POWH.