Humans of POWH: Julie

Julie sitting on a hospital bed, smiling

September is Blood Cancer Awareness month, and the Foundation had the privilege to interview Julie. Julie is a patient at the Prince of Wales Hospital currently being treated for Leukemia in the Haematology wards. Her story is of bravery, heart and determination and we are in awe of her positivity during her treatment.

Humans of POWH: Ruby

A portrait of Ruby standing on the side of the road a tram is behind her

It’s Allied Health Professionals Day on Friday 14 October so lets celebrate our Allied Health team here at the POWH. Today we had a chat to Ruby who is part of the team and learnt more about her role, why allied health is important and what she loves to do outside of work.

Humans of POWH: Daniel

A Man (Daniel) smiling at the camera, in a park. He is holding a black labrador by a lead

In 2008, I was a 26 year old expat living and working in Whistler, Canada and was celebrating a recent promotion on a night out when I fell, tumbling down a flight of stairs and breaking my neck, it went from everything being fantastic to everything being, quite literally, turned on it’s head.

Humans of POWH: Sienna

Sienna, a white woman with long brown hair, wearing a pink Cardigan and flowered shirt smiling at the camera

It’s Speech Pathology Week and we had the chance to catch up with Sienna who is a Speech Pathologist in the Geriatrics Department at Prince of Wales Hospital. Sienna is deeply passionate about speech pathology and the meaning it can bring to a patient’s life when they need it the most.

Humans of POWH: Hayley – Wellbeing Ambassador

Hayley is one of our Radiation Therapists at the Prince of Wales Hospital who has recently been appointed the Hospital’s Wellbeing Ambassador. This is a district initiative to help focus on staff wellbeing and implementation of wellbeing interventions at the Hospital.

Humans of POWH: Paolo

Man standing outside

This month is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and we had the honour to interview Paolo who is currently receiving treatment for bowel cancer at Prince of Wales Hospital.

Humans of POWH: Justin

Justin  (Service Manager, Covid Management Centre) Interview for Men’s Health Week It’s Men’s Heath Week (13– 19 June) and the Foundation sat down with Justine to talk about the importance of men’s health, how he maintains his own health and what he does at Prince of Wales Hospital. Q1: What is your role and what […]